Presentation Guideline

Presentation Guideline
Presentation Guideline (Oral)

Plenary Lecture 40 min (including discussion)
Invited Lecture 20 min (including discussion)
Oral Presentation 15 min (including discussion)
All of the presenters can use a computer in the lecture hall or a own laptop.
Presenters’ cooperation for keeping the time schedule would be very much appreciated.

Presentation Guideline (Poster)
Time Poster Session 1 Poster session 2
Presentation Time 12:00-14:00 November 16th (Thursday) November 17th (Friday)
Placing Poster 09:30-11:30 November 16th (Thursday) November 17th (Friday)
Removing Poster 15:00-16:00 November 16th (Thursday) November 17th (Friday)
Board Size 90cm (width) x 180cm (height)

* Posters should be put-up before the Poster Session